11 September, 2020
Boat party for your hen do

Hen do with a boat party: the beach and the sun wait for you

Being able to spend a day with your friends on a boat is a real luxury, enjoying the sea and sunbathing. But, what if you also celebrate your hen do? With Marbella Cheeky Butler you will have the perfect party: sun, beach, the Marbella coast, a boat and the most sensual waiters serving you drinks.
26 August, 2020
Packages for you hen do in Marbella

The best and cheapest packages for your hen do in Marbella

If you are looking for fun, an unforgettable day out with your best friends, enjoying the Mediterranean Sea and one of the most luxurious cities in Spain, Marbella Cheeky Butler has what you need.
6 August, 2020
Stripper for your hen party in Marbella

Enjoy a stripper at your hen party: fun and very sexy

What good hen party does not have a final dance of a stripper not only for the bride, but for all the guests? This event is a unique moment, where anything goes and fun is assured. If you wanted to celebrate with your best friends in Marbella and the special performance of a stripper, we have everything you were looking for.
22 July, 2020
Marbella Cheeky Butler organizes hen parties in Puerto Banus

Marbella Cheeky Butler does your hen party in Puerto Banus

The Costa del Sol, and more specifically Marbella, has everything anyone could want for a hen party: lots of shops and boutiques, fine sandy beach, hot and sunny hours, night clubs and the spectacular Puerto Banus for drinks while watching the boats.
10 July, 2020
The best Marbella's boat parties

Enjoy the best boat party in Marbella with your friends

From the moment you land at Malaga airport, get ready to live a unique experience. Grab your bikini and gather your friends for the most incredible boat party in Marbella.
11 June, 2020
Hen party ideas in Marbella

Discover here ideas for your hen party in Marbella

Are you looking for the best ideas for activities in Marbella to do at a hen party? Discover here three incredible plans...
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