hen do party in Marbella Cheeky Butler

Celebrate your hen-do in Marbella with our Cheeky Butler

The celebration of your hen-do is a very special moment in your life that you have to do as it deserves: in style. That’s why we invite you to come to Marbella, a beautiful city on the Costa del Sol, where you will find all the entertainment you need to make the best hen-do: good temperature, sun to tan, paradisiacal beaches, luxury shops, pubs and discos, many restaurants to taste the typical food of southern Spain and our spectacular Cheeky Butler.

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Hen party Marbella

Enjoy the most entertaining hen party in Marbella

Do you want to celebrate your hen party in a paradisiacal place in the south of Spain? Marbella has everything you need to celebrate an unforgettable party: sandy beaches with crystal clear water, luxurious clothing shops, many restaurants to try the most delicious dishes, and so on.

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