Celebrate an unforgettable magic hens night in Marbella

Magic hens
If you are looking for a town in which to party with your friends, swim in the best beaches, go to night clubs, have drinks and tapas in many bars, sunbathe and celebrate your hen party or stag party... Marbella is the perfect place for you!

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A hens night is a very special event, which is celebrated with the best friends and where there is always fun, party and lots of surprises. Organising it all on your own, without the help of professionals, limits your possibilities because you can’t discover new activities, surprising places or some last minute detail may not work out as you had planned. To save you all these scares, really enjoy your hen party with the best guests, and discover all the magic that hides the Spanish Costa del Sol… Count on Marbella Cheeky Butler! Incredible parties on the beach of Marbella, a luxurious town full of shops, bars and nightclubs, a splendid weather to sunbathe all day long and the services we offer you at the best price. Do you want to spend a magic hens with us?

Enjoy our Cheeky Butlers with the best combo in Marbella

Our Sexy Butlers are our waiters dressed in very little clothes, ready to liven up the party with spicy and super fun games and activities. Enjoy their sensual movements with the Cheeky Combo we have prepared for you. Your magic hens in Marbella can’t be complete without a handsome waiter serving glasses of cava, doing different activities, dancing for the bride and delighting all the guests with a striptease at the end. You will be left speechless! Of course, accompany the whole party with our BBQ Only package which has vegan options such as burgers and vegetables. You’ll also have chorizo, sausages, bacon

Learn how to make cocktails while enjoying the sand and sun

Marbella Cheeky Butler has activities of all kinds, and the Cocktail Class is something you can’t miss to have a magic hens. The class teachers will of course be the Cheeky Butlers, and they will teach you how to make 4 different types of drinks: Mojito, Sex on the Beach, Piña Colada and Blue Lagoon. Enjoy them to the fullest on board of our boat to hire during your hen party! Cruise the Mediterranean waters under the sun while you sip these delicious and sweet cocktails, enjoy the BBQ and the company of the sexiest waiters. You’re probably already imagining how amazing your event is going to be, surrounded by your friends, and with photos and videos for your social networks that will be the best souvenir of this magical day! Contact us if you want to start organising your magic hens in Marbella at the best price and with all the services you will need.

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