Waitress service for parties in Marbella: choose the package

Waitress service for parties
At every party there has to be someone to cheer up the guests, to do activities and games, to serve the drinks and the food... Are you thinking of having a big party in Marbella? We have the service you need: the Waitress Service Parties.

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At every party there has to be someone to cheer up the guests, to do activities and games, to serve the drinks and the food… Are you thinking of having a big party? Then Marbella Cheeky Butler has the service you need: the Marbella Cheeky Waitress.

This sensual waitress gives her service at birthday parties, bachelor parties, anniversaries… She is a very beautiful and sensual woman, who is dressed in little clothes and will prepare entertaining and spicy activities for all the guests. Best of all, if you come to celebrate a bachelor party, the groom doesn’t have to pay!

Waitress services for your bachelor party in Marbella

We have many different services you can choose from for your stag night. Some of the packages we have are:

Cocktail class– learn how to prepare four delicious drinks with the waitress service, which can be either normal or topless. You will prepare the Mojito, Sex on the Beach, Piña Colada and Blue Lagoon cocktails, so you can practice them at home. This package also includes very spicy activities and games with the waitress that you will never forget.

Cocktails and BBQ– if you want to add a quality meal to your drink in Marbella, while enjoying the sun, the heat and the spectacular beach of this municipality, we have this package that includes the BBQ. There will be regular or vegan burgers, chicken, sausages, vegetables and a mixed salad. We also include a very sweet dessert at an incredible price because we do not charge commission. As with the previous service, the waitress can go topless for a little extra money.

Enjoy the Cheeky waitress service at your bachelor party

If you’re looking for a bachelor party with the company of our spectacular Cheeky waitress, we have a package that includes one hour of spicy activities and games, a very sexy dance for the groom and a bottle of cava. It will be the most incredible party you’ve ever been to!

Celebrating these parties in Marbella is something unforgettable, because this city has everything you need to have fun: fine sand beach, luxury shops, night clubs and a great temperature all year round. Remember that we offer you packages adapted to your tastes with unbeatable prices because we do not charge commissions. If you want to know all the services our waitress offers for parties, please contact us.

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